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Quotes of our beloved users
Some quotes from our users:

tigert IRC on drugs. Weird drugs. You gotta see this.

Sketch The Chat Program Formerly Known As Metaverse

Neo Its the best thing since the last best thing since sliced bread

Cruise Be yourself. I like you best that way. Anyone can be everyone. Only you can be you.

KaosBeet sanity is overrated

LuckyLuke After experiencing OV, the real world is less exciting

Time_Doctor I demand my quote be put on the quote page! As yet I have not thought of one. please get back to me.

Beavis If someone's looking over my shoulder saying 'wow - that is so cool', chances are I'm showing them OpenVerse

lewing smashing

Peter ultra-nifty

mellee Before OV my life was empty, meaningless and visually unchallenged.

Renze Sit on my face, and tell me that you love me...

HighFlyer You mustn't eat sand, even if it is mixed with sugar

Telsa mind-boggling

Raph OV kicks butt and takes names.

Doc Why can't anything ever be easy? ..Oh wait, OV -IS- easy!

Vile Part of the fun of being alive is knowing that you're annoying the hell out of someone else.

joshua who the hell gave it that stupid OpenVerse name?

echo It slices! It dices! It.. well, okay.. it doesn't do that, but it's pretty fun.

pj7 OpenVerse, just like sex, without the mess

ShawnAnn OpenVerse: More Nerds than a Willy Wonka Candy Store!

UNUNUNIUM These people are freaks, and their creations must be destroyed with hammers. Mouse my F8 key doesnt work cause i drooled all over it

Grommet uh

sabrewulf sex plz

Nad I like my words being a different color.. ,Plus I feel 1337 cuz no one uses the color.

Guest HOW DO I MAKE AN AVATAR? ORT Number 1 All Aboard!!!

screenshot 1: The Hippo Room

screenshot 2: OpenVerse Bingo

screenshot 3: OpenVerse Rapid Transit

screenshot 4: The Living Room

screenshot 5: The Hippo Room


datapex - bandwidth to store our SA pics

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