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Who says people who meet in chat don't get together in Real Life(tm). Here you will find links to parties, gatherings, meetings and whatnot involving people socializing in Real Life(tm) as a result of meeting in the OpenVerse.

The first ever OVFest, Perth Australia A bunch of the folks from down under got together for typical drunken debauchery.

The first time wasn't enough so the Perth folks had to get together and do it again, here is a photo from that event.

The first ever USA OVFest, Melbourne Florida USA. This is a photo of us in LuckyLuke's living room.

On my way up to Maine, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Pippie. Here is a photo of us at the restaurant.

OpenVerse goes to Linux World Joshua arranged for OpenVerse to have a booth at the 2001 LinuxWorldExpo in New York City. Visitors to the booth had the pleasure of learning that OpenVerse has little to do with poetry.

screenshot 1: The Hippo Room

screenshot 2: OpenVerse Bingo

screenshot 3: OpenVerse Rapid Transit

screenshot 4: The Living Room

screenshot 5: The Hippo Room


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