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Windows Download and Install
Windows OV packages are provided by Eclipse

All In One contains everything you need. Single .exe self-installer for first-time users. Get this if you are confused.

OpenVerse Self Installer is JUST The OpenVerse software in a handy self installer package. Get this if you are upgrading OpenVerse from a previous version. Before upgrading, you should delete the file "C:\Program Files\OpenVerse\Passageways.txt" to remove your old passageways list. The upgrade will install a new list with new servers that are up, and remove some old ones which are no longer available.

OpenVerse ZIP is the OpenVerse software only. It is not self-installing. Download this to upgrade or install Openverse. If you are installing for the first time, you will also need TCL/TK.

screenshot 1: The Hippo Room

screenshot 2: OpenVerse Bingo

screenshot 3: OpenVerse Rapid Transit

screenshot 4: The Living Room

screenshot 5: The Hippo Room