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Here are some plugins for the TCL/TK client

tclticker Stock Ticker - Linux and Windows? - watch your stocks while you're chatting in OpenVerse

MP3 Server/Grabber - For Linux and windows. Share music in the OpenVerse with your friends.

Avatar WebCam - For Linux only (can be modified for dos). Use your digital camera to take photos which you can use as an avatar in OpenVerse

Dictionary Plugin - For Linux only (can be modified for dos). Use a /dict command to define words.

screenshot 1: The Hippo Room

screenshot 2: OpenVerse Bingo

screenshot 3: OpenVerse Rapid Transit

screenshot 4: The Living Room

screenshot 5: The Hippo Room


datapex - bandwidth to store our SA pics

Remote Sensing - The CVS Repository - get OV now!

Cruise's Fishing Page

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