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OpenVerse Help

OpenVerse Help

This help section should point you in the right direction for
all of The OpenVerse features. If you can think of something
which is not here, please send me some email at

0. About OpenVerse

1. Setting Up OpenVerse
2. How to chat
3. The TextChat Window
4. Connecting to other Servers
5. Creating and Editing Avatars
6. Turning Animation On or Off
7. OpenVerse Sounds
8. Users And Nametags
9. Exiting OpenVerse
10. /COMMANDS you can use
11. Moving Around
12. URLs From Other Users
13. Calling Other Users
14. Download Status Bar
15. Quick Keys
16. Coloring Your Text
17. Plugins (Extended Features!)

Other Help

1. Personal Server Help
2. Technical Documentation

Visit the Web Site!
Current Maintainer is

screenshot 1: The Hippo Room

screenshot 2: OpenVerse Bingo

screenshot 3: OpenVerse Rapid Transit

screenshot 4: The Living Room

screenshot 5: The Hippo Room


datapex - bandwidth to store our SA pics

Remote Sensing - The CVS Repository - get OV now!

Cruise's Fishing Page

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